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As a marketer, you know the pressure is on. These days, prospects complete most of the buyer’s journey before contacting a sales rep, which means that bringing in qualified leads is on you. You’ve already invested in Marketo to create integrated campaigns and generate leads … but without the time, resources and expertise to fully leverage your platform, that powerful tool is at risk of being just an expensive email blaster.

of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer ever contacts a seller.*

We work with marketers just like you every day — and we have a proven formula for getting the most out of Marketo. As featured in Demand Gen Report, JourneyMax™ is an automation strategy, content and campaign management solution designed to help B2B marketers fully realize the potential of their investment in a marketing automation platform (MAP). We’ll help you:

  • Design automated journeys to engage prospects all along the buy cycle
  • Create the content you need for effective programs and campaigns
  • Set up, execute and measure campaigns that bring results

What You Get:

  • MAP database assessment
  • MAP website setup
  • Scoring model development
  • Journey stream design and mapping
  • Journey asset creation
  • Attribution and reporting setup
  • Campaign configuration and setup
  • Campaign execution

*Source: CEB

The Marketing Nation Summit 2016 Revvies

Marketo Partner of the Year Finalist!

We’re honored to be nominated for a 2016 Partner of the Year Award! We’ve been recognized for excellence in enabling clients to quickly and effectively leverage Marketo to drive meaningful marketing and sales results — and we can do the same for you.

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